Game rules

Chinese Chess is a game that is played along the same principals as the Western version of the game. The objective being to put in chess mate your opponent’s King (known as the General). However in this version, you must move along the grid of the game, each side is separated by a river which elephants cannot cross.


Le généralThe General is placed in the centre of the palace, which he may not leave. He moves vertically or horizontally one space but never diagonally. When the General is Chess mate the game is lost. Note that he may not be in line with your opponents general without a game piece separating them (they cannot make eye contact).

Le garde

At the beginning of the game, both guards are positioned on either side of the General. They may only move diagonally and like the General, cannot leave the Palace.


The Elephants (two of them) may only move two spaces in diagonal. They may not go over a game piece to achieve their move. The Elephant plays a defensive role, and may not cross the river to go on your opponent’s side of the table.

Le cavalier

Similar to the Western Knights or Horses, the Horsemen (2) move one step vertically or horizontally and one step in diagonal. They cannot jump over another game piece to achieve their position. In other words if a game piece blocks their path they cannot move in that direction

Le canon

The Canons (2) Move horizontally or Vertically across any number of empty spaces, as long as no other game piece is blocking their way. In order to capture a game piece, there must be a support piece (also known as a screen), between the canon and the piece you wish to eliminate. The Canon Jump over the Screen and must stop on the position of the taken piece.

La tour

Similar to the Western Chess version of the tower, Chariots (2) move along straight lines either vertically or Horizontally.

Le soldatThere are 5 soldiers, or pawns, per player and they are your front line. They can capture an opponent’s piece or move by moving forward one space at a time. Once they have crossed the river they can also move and capture pieces horizontally. They however may never move backwards.

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